Molar extraction question
nic14120 posted:
My 2nd to last lower left molar needs to be extracted due to a failed root canal last year. The broken tooth has been like this for a good year or so now. It has been slightly bothering me lately, so I went to see my dentist on Monday. He said it does not look infected, just inflammed. It does look slightly irritaed around it, kinda swollen around it, but nothing of a serious swelling or drastic. I am heading out of town on vacation on Thursday, so I am going to have him look at it one more time before I go. I am too nervous to have it pulled 3 days before I go on vacation, I am terrified of having a dry socket develop while I am away. He said if it continues to swell or becomes infected, I would start antibiotics and then have it pulled.

If by chance it starts to get infected while I am on vacation, and I start the antibiotics, will the meds help heal it until I get it pulled on 6/3 or wold it be recommended to have it pulled a certain amount of days after having the antibiotics started?

Another question I have is it is not visible sight, therefore I was not having any plans to replace it with a implant. He said the two teeth on the sides of it are virgin teeth, so he recommends a bone grafting until I get an implant. 1) If I get a grafting and I choose never to replace it, is that OK? 2) I am really uncomfortable with using a human bone grafting, kinda freaks me out with diseases and all, are there ever issues/complications due to this?

Thank you so much for all your help!