Swollen lips
An_252257 posted:
Hi my lips are red, swollen, itching, and tingling, the skin is peeling cracking off them I have to keep lip balm on them this has been happening since I was a child, I took a trip to the Bahamas and they were the worse I've seen they, my lips had swollen bye the third day on the trip, when I got back home it was a yellow crust on them for a couple of days when I woke up, they were fire red, tingling, itching, and a rash on them I could barely open my month
Eve9133 responded:
This sounds very similar to something I have. I went to the dermatologist about this problem and he gave me a sample of Triple Paste AF. It made everything go away in a few days (I would sleep with it spread around the outer border of my lips (especially the corners). I also got more picky when selecting brands of lip balm.