12 year old daughter is missing 2 Adult Molars
Diginova posted:
I am struggling with a decision, regarding my 12 year old daughter's oral health care. She is missing 2 adult bottom molars. The orthodontist explained a few different scenarios for treatment, but recommended Option 1.

Option 1 - To remove 2 Permanent adult teeth on top and braces would pull teeth together correcting bite. Seemed to be the easiest solution when first explained (shortest time,etc.) The drawback for this being that it may change the shape of her face, specifically her profile.

Option 2 - To leave space where permanent molars were supposed to be and wear a retainer after braces to keep the space, eventually considering implants or a bridge when she is an adult.

We went for a second opinion, explaining our concern about extracting permanent teeth, and the second orthodontist recommended Option 2. I understand that ortho 2 could have been just telling us what we "wanted to hear" to gain our business. He showed us images of a similar subject's profile, where removing teeth made her look 20 yrs older than she was. I think there are serious pros and cons to both plans of action, and I'm trying to make the best possible long term decision, with no regret years down the road. I am hoping to find some insight hereon the situation. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Concerned Father