escalating canker sores, sore tongue
nnt78 posted:
I have been having canker sores inside my mouth and on my tongue for weeks at a time, and it's making me extremely miserable. The episodes are becoming more frequent and instead of getting around 6 or 7 sores at a time, I'm now getting 15 - 20 sores at one time. They are now bigger than before and now my tongue feels like it's been scalded even though it hasn't. My tongue feels sore without canker sores and definitely sore with canker sores.
I thought the sores were related to stress, but the attacks are coming even when I'm on holiday. I can't help thinking there is an underlying problem which is getting worse. I am away from home and won't be able to see my doctor until Xmas. The doctors here just give me antibiotics even though they don't know if I have an infection, or what kind of infection.
The antibiotics haven't made any difference and I'm just using topical treatment to try to alleviate the pain, but it's not really that effective and I am now tearful and miserable. I would really appreciate any advice.