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Yearly Ailment, Getting Worse, Don't Know What's Wrong
nestharus posted:
If this is a double post (didn't see this get posted when I hit post), please delete one
Every year, I suddenly start to get a sore throat, followed by lots and lots of mucous in my mouth. The mucous gets swallowed and my goat gets filled with it, then my entire throat gets filled with mucous. I became extremely nauseous and start vomiting up lots and lots of mucous. I am also unable to hold anything down and have a very difficult time breathing/swallowing because mucous fills my entire throat, stomach, and mouth.

This time, it has gotten worse. Now I have a red stripe in the back of my tongue as well as maybe red bumps, each one feeling like a sore throat. I also have bumps on the side of my tongue. All of these bumps are in the back of my tongue.

This year, I used a bag from the get-go to let my saliva go into so that I don't swallow the mucous, and I have had no nausea this time, nor is there lots of mucous in my throat or in my stomach, but there is a TON in my mouth >.<, so if I stop using the bag, imma go down the nausea route.

I have no increased mucous in my nose, nor do I have a cough or a runny nose. However, after I recover from the ailment, I develop bronchitis, which I have for a couple of months. That won't happen this time around since I'm not letting it fill up my chest.

I don't believe this is an illness. It always happens around this time of year, and this is now the fourth year it has happened. This year is worse than previous years because now I have the red stripe going halfway down my tongue and all of the bumps.

Some notes about possible causes:

I breathe through my mouth all the time because my nose is too narrow to breathe through. I never really breathe thru my nose, except as a supplement to breathing through my mouth. I have very narrow nostrils.

I live in Reno, Nevada out in the desert surrounded by sage brush and I am allergic to a lot of things in that environment, like sage brush, etc. I'm only allergic to things in the desert. It could be some flower blooming this time of year, causing a major allergic reaction. I have always had extremely bad allergies since moving out here. I don't have allergies in town, only out in the valley with all of the sage brush.

I take an allergy pill every single day, either a zyrtec or an aller-tec

I slept with my mouth open for 4 hours to try and dry it out so that I don't swallow mucous. I already had a few bumps on the right side of my tongue, but I woke up with the stripe and more bumps.

The soreness makes me feel nausea. I took Tylenol extra strength sore throat medicine to try and reduce the pain. It reduced some of it, but there's still a lot of pain.

I have been eating mostly gluten-free for 4 months now

For the last few days, I had a lot of meals consisting of 3 slices of gluten-free rye bread, light margarine, and 1 slice of cheese. I do in fact get increased mucous production from dairy, so I'm probably allergic to that or something too.

So, I'm seeing a lot of possible causes, but I have no idea what I have and no idea how to fix it >.<. It could be bacteria build-up on the tongue from breathing through my mouth all the time, which could be fixed with an orabrush or nose surgery so that I can breathe through my nose. There are just lots of things.

I've gone to doctors over the past 3 years and they've never known what was wrong with me. The symptoms usually last 2 days, and then it takes around 8 days to recover. Last time it took an additional 2 months for the bronchitis.

Should I go to an oral surgeon?
nestharus responded:
Oh yea, the season is Fall atm, when sage brush blooms, and I'm mostly allergic to sage brush

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