Toothbrush Irritation
nagiwa posted:
Hi, I am 57 years old. Never had mouth problem until recently. Suddenly , when drinking water touches my teeth, one or two of the teeth will irritate me, which I learned is called Sensitive Teeth. Then when eating, if small pieces of food get hooked on the gums in between my teeth, I get the most horrible irritation. After reading some of the possible causes of my problem as suggested by WebMD, I am now beginning to believe it is due to use of wrong toothbrush. I have been using smokers toothbrush of recent in my effort to have a cleaner mouth. I have now substituted it with a softer one, and use Sensodyne toothpaste as well as gargle my mouth with Corsodyl mouthwash regularly. Hopefully I will get over the problem.

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