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Strange oral symptoms after oral sex
optiplex posted:
I has condom protected sex with csw but for three seconds I performed clitoris licking. On the ninth day i had fever mild but have chillness, weakness with it. Fever lasted for three days and then intermittent temp. for five more days . I also developed dry mouth and white tongue . My lymph nodes of neck are swollen I happened to notice it after almost twentieth day and have sonography for that . It was in the report that cervical lymph are swollen two on each side confirmed by ultrasound and still existing.
I have passed 3 months hiv DUO negative test 26, 42, and 77, 97 days. I also had RNA, DNA PCR two times negative. My first cd4 test was scary and I had only 16.8 % cd4 and absolute number was 520 with inverted cd4/cd8 ratio, but recent cd4 panel test after 3 months is good and my cd4 % 44 and absolute number is 2296 and ratio is 1.83 now.

I still feel fatigue after 3 months, joint pains are common. My swollen lymph nodes are still swollen even after taking lots of antibiotic for one months. After the exposure after 50 days my knees got swollen and became very painful which automatically got clear next days but right from that days both knees hurt while ascending or descending stairs or walking.
Worst part is mouth symptoms. Just from fever starts I am having very dry mouth and this problem is still present , every night especially mouth got dry very much and have to drink lot of water , but water is no help. After having water just after 2 min, mouth got dry again and due to this inside buccal mucosa stick to teeth and now on both side teeth marks are there. God know why mouth is still so much dry. From the very same day my tongue especially base part is swollen and gives very strange feeling like it is not getting fit in mouth and have to curl tongue for resting. Strange burning appears on tongue randomly , Every day tongue got white as in ashler case and if i scrap it , it burns while eating. Both side's tongue always give swollen feeling and I can feel it swollen all day. All buds below the tongue are swollen right from very first fever days and always give the mouth full feeling and having strange look. They always give swollen feeling. And again after 3 months sweating is started , for no reasons heartbeat start racing and sudden whole body get wet, and it is happening in day and night.

1. Has anyone see 3 months hiv test turning positive later on?
2. Can acid reflux cause these symptoms? strange thing is I never had any of such symptoms in my life before that oral episode. God knows what was there in her vagina, lots of bacteria or virus. Now it appears oral sex is highest risky activity not for hiv but for many strange disease.

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