Frustrated with my set of teeth!
shady2001 posted:
I'm a 23 year old guy in the pink of health. I have but one problem, and that is my teeth. I brush them regularly with colgate brand toothpaste 3 times a day, once always before I go to bed. I do drink sodas, but not more than the average guy, I suppose. I do not eat sweets.

I have bad teeth. My father, who (along with my dentist) taught me how to brush my teeth, is 55 years old and has a good set of teeth. He brushes twice daily. That is to say, I think my oral hygiene is as good as his, if not better, but my teeth are in worse shape.

The decay always happens on the inner surface of my teeth. I had an "extensive" filling done to one of my incisors less than a year ago, and now it's bothering me again. I'm sorry, as I find it hard to trust dentists any more. I pay much much more for dental care than I do at my GP, yet my GP has never failed me, while my dental problems seem to have no end in sight.

I think I have a lot of grooves between my teeth, deeper than usual. Whenever I eat chicken for example some of it gets wedged between them. Obviously I cannot remove them until I get home, which can be 5-6 hours as I attend university. I do not know if other people have the same problem, but clearly my dad and mom do not.

What do you think can be done to solve this? Thanks in advance.