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hole in gums after tooth removal
jubylives posted:
I had a tooth removed but broke in the process. The whole day is a bit hazy after all of the drugs I ended up on so I will do my best. I also should mention I absolutely depise dentists. I think they are crook and an unfortunate neccesary evil. They sent me immediately to an oral surgeon and they put me under to do the procedure. Like I said I don't remember much but woke up and they took a piece of fat from my cheek and stitched the inside of my cheek over the hole that they filled with the fat. This to me is a really messed up situation as I was hoping to get a partial to fill the missing teeth. Now I have a hole in my gums that I can move air through. The dentist didn't seem to care about it any but dammit this sucks. I go in for a follow up next friday and I imagine I will be getting more stitches. Is there anything I can do to possibly reduce the amount of air through this hole? any advise would be appreciated as this is all foreign to me and I feel like a complete fool being like this. Jeremy
plazadental responded:
The hole in gum after tooth removal is normal; there is nothing to worry much about it. Those holes heal up naturally within 2-3 weeks. But do make sure to keep it clean with medicated mouth wash or warm salt water after every meal so no food becomes lodged in there because thechances are there that it get infected.

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