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Bumps - throat and now taste issues?
An_255608 posted:
I'm a healthy young man without insurance and an ongoing oral problem. I went to the dentist about 2 months ago and they did not mention anything abnormal.

I do have bad allergies and have had problems with mold on my ventilation system. For the past few months I've had a nearly constant postnasal drip, but not enough to bother me too much.

About a month ago I noticed what looked like a mosquito bite on the right side up about mid rear of my mouth, near the entrance to the throat on the right wall, about equidistant between the tonsil and tongue. There was/is no head on it, just a uniform red.

I grabbed a flashlight and looked down the back of my throat, pushing my tongue out of the way and noticed 4 slightly raised red areas, all rather large but flat on the surface. These are about the size of dimes with no sigh of infection. Just slightly raised throat skin.

A few days ago I checked again to find the 4 red areas had not changed at all, and the formerly red dot had become a little lighter in color (as had the surrounding area, so it is not like a whitehead or something). A second similarly colored dot formed about an inch away from it.Both look exactly like the surrounding skin, just a little raised.

Then today I have had a strange bitter taste in my mouth all day.

I did engage in unprotected oral sex with a woman years ago, so oral HPV was the first idea that sprang to mind, however the bumps look more like swelling than any sort of wart(s). Oral herpes is another possibility, but I don't see any fluid-filled head.

The best guess I've had so far is the post-nasal drip is causing the swelling areas in the throat. Every time I look back there, there is some mucus sliding down. I've increased my intake of water to help with it. The loss of taste could be due to too much coffee or something else.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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