Loose wisdom tooth
An_256367 posted:
Is it normal at the age of 49 that your wisdom teeth become loose?
atti_editor responded:

Trauma to the area, an infection in the tooth or surrounding gums, or signs of osteoporosis are some of the possibilities for why your tooth is suddenly loose. The only person who can identify what is happening and if you are in need of any kind of treatment is your dentist. I suggest that you make an appointment to see him/her as soon as possible. It may be something that resolves itself or you may need some sort of dental treatment (such as removal of the tooth).

Best wishes,
steffanymohan responded:
Yes, take an immediate appointment with your dentist. If you have a loose wisdom tooth, you may go for a treatment. In worst case, you may go for a surgery. Your procedure will not as painful as the usual wisdom tooth removal, but it is not fun either.