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Pain in teeth and numbness in face
gt500chick posted:
Last week, I noticed that my lower lip felt odd. Then I started getting pain in my back teeth, top and bottom, on the left side. Next I noticed numbness in my chin and realized that the odd feeling in my lip was also numbness. Everything is on the left side of my face. It comes and goes though it is becoming more constant now. It is not horrible pain but it is uncomfortable. I had several teeth filled and one extraction on the left side about six months ago. I am wondering if this is a nerve issue or if I might be clenching my teeth extremely hard at night. I know I have clenched my teeth hard enough to wake myself before and I have had sore teeth afterword but I don't see how that could cause the other things.

Any help would be appreciated.
atti_editor responded:
Hi gt500chick,

While your symptoms could be related to the dental work you had or possibly your jaw clenching, there are also a number of other conditions that have jaw pain and facial numbness as symptoms. Because of this, the best thing for you to do would be to schedule an appointment with your doctor or dentist to go over your symptoms and have a thorough examination of your jaw. Facial numbness is not something that you should ignore -- getting in to see a medical provider at your earliest convenience will help get to the bottom of your problem and find a solution quickly. This article has some information on possible causes. You might find it helpful to compare the symptoms listed to those you are experiencing and bring up your findings at your appointment.

Best wishes,
gt500chick replied to atti_editor's response:
Thank you!
steffanymohan responded:
Consult your dentist immediately. It may be what you think like nerve problem. In some cases tooth pain is due to the cavities that are left along teeth canals, which develop into more harmful microbes that cause pain. It is advisable that on the slightest indication of tooth pain you should see a dentist to make sure that the problem does not develop into a more serious infection.

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