bitten lip after novacaine
mrsgmom posted:
My 6 year old son just got home from the dentist getting a filling, where he received novacaine. My husband did not tell me that he was given cotton to keep him from biting his lip.. until it was too late. I looked over at him and his lip was bleeding, and I noticed that it looks like he has a chunk missing - yes, a chunk. He is still swollen (novacaine was done 4 hours ago) but I am wondering what I should do to (a) help keep it clean so it can heal and (b) help alleviate pain when the numbness wears off. Please help!
atti_editor responded:
Hi mrsgmom,

How is your son doing? I hope that his lip is healing well.

Best wishes,
steffanymohan responded:
Accidental lip biting can also occur during post-operative eating or sleeping. It is advisable to contact a primary care physician or nurse practitioner to seek medical advice and treatment.
How is your son doing now?
mrsgmom replied to steffanymohan's response:
All is well - he healed just fine, despite how awful it looked. But I don't think he will be doing that again anytime soon!
atti_editor replied to mrsgmom's response:
Glad to hear he healed well!