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Toothache and Abcess
euphoricamit posted:
I recently got this bump/mass that was located on the inside gums, near my back left teeth. This bump seeming as if it were resting on the gums next to a particular tooth. Had a shooting pain when touched or light pressure was applied. And this tooth would cause pain when chewing.

I went to the dentist the next day, and the dentist took some X-rays. He didn't say much regarding the X-ray. He took a look at the bump, and said asked me questions pertaining to it, he said it was filled with pus and is from an infection. Bacteria has entered deep below, and can be from a tooth that may of cracked or may of decayed a bit.

After he drains it, and gets rid of the excess blood with gauze, he takes a look at it and said the pus was drained. I felt with my tongue and could still feel some pretty mass, but there was no pain, and i felt more of a solid bone instead of a bubble. But this mass was still there and I believe it is due to the current swelling of the gums after the drain.

He prescribes 500mg Amoxcillian and Hydrocodones. Arranges a followup a week after.

So far Day 1 is ending, and I still feel pain from this tooth when chewing, not really any pain from gums.

This tooth has a metal filling on top of it, and i believe these fillings are vulnerable to bacteria over time, or the tooth under the filling has cracked. This tooth seems to move a slight bit as well. when pressed on while chewing.

Here is a current picture:

The black arrows show:
- the mass on the adjacent gum
-area where pus bump had occured
-the particular tooth affected

I'm unable to tell if the tooth has damage underneath it, but it still hurts.

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Should I go get this metal filling removed to find the problem and treat it ASAP, and get the filling replaced with the other material.
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