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Tongue problem: 'Plica Fimbriata'
SeanKE posted:

I'm hoping for some oral expert advice here. My tongue has these annoying "fringe" (technical term "fimbriae"?) things that hang off the Plica Fimbriata.

Please see the links below for relevant research: (picture at top) (forum discussion)

I essentially have these hanging things like in the first linked picture, except mine started swelling and getting red in the last few days. I've always had them, but they haven't inflamed like this before and it is becoming quite annoying/painful.

I have read that it would be a very bad idea to "cut it off" which I would agree with. The swelling looks like the hangy things are actually very small viens or capillaries that are somehow swelling, perhaps due to some kind of kink?

I'm paranoid about this, please help! Do I need to see my dentist?

brewclery responded:
Any luck solving this one?

I've got those 'fringes' under my tongue too. I've only just noticed it though because one of them on the right side is inflammed. It has been bothering me for about three days now.

Will it go away on its own?
mouthpain replied to brewclery's response:
I just got one of those things yesterday and they hurt a lot. Mine did not occur as a pair, it was just one of them sticking out. I am 34 female. I did have some really hot apple cider that may have burnt the underside of my tongue I am thinking. I wondering what the exact cause of it is. I am healthy overall and never have had any problem like this before. I tried to pull it off when i saw it and it hurt more, i don't recommend pulling them off, or trying to. Will this go away on its own?
edarne111 replied to mouthpain's response:
Freaky, I just noticed some pain on the underside of my tongue last night on both sides, looked this up today to see what the heck those little things were and lo and behold this post. Funny part is, I had hot apple cider yesterday afternoon... upon tugging on it i found that "mouthpain" is absolutely correct in saying that trying to remove them is a bad idea...haha. I suppose they are just more prone to getting burned by hot liquids since they don't have anything to really insulate them. So, if you have them and they are irritated, stop drinking piping hot liquids for a couple days and I am sure they clear up.
Wadjetone responded:
I hope it hasn't been too long since you've posted and that we can connect. I too have these fang-things and always have. My children also have them. I am also an adoptee and on my maternal-side no one else seems to have fangs under their tongue's. Mine haven't caused me any problems, thank goodness! Occasionally, I've looked online to see if anyone else has this fang-tongue thing going on and I am SOOOOO happy to find you and to at least know I'm not the only one! I hope we connect. Thanks!

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