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Molar band or Buccal Tube
joyjas_2031 posted:
I desperately need help from experts and experienced in having braces. I search web and videos but Im not satisfied ans still have a doubt of my Ortho.

Since I got my braces in just a month, I felt pain on my LL Molar tooth(w/ molar band) and it became mobile( as in with just a push of my tongue), and It quite moved inside (not align anymore with the rest of my teeth). I remember the molarband they measured doesn't fit exactly on where tooth it should be,and yet my Ortho said it still goes in so no prob and the excess band on top will normally bend as i bite She said that the molar was starting to move to correct bite than other.Do you think she's right?

But then again I insist, if possible to just remove it and place on the other molar or remove the band instead. And now she removed it and replaced a buccal tube and my molar starts to stabilize and the pain was gone. Do you think buccal tube would have the same effect compare to Molar band?

And now, I feel another discomfort again on my UR Molar, I feel an excess band on it...I think it didn't fit properly as well..but there's no pain compare to the LL. I'm quite worried it might be misallign again. Would it be ok if I ask my Ortho to change them into buccal tube instead? Maybe she's having a hard time looking for the one that fits my tooth..or lazy to get another try...

Thank you for reading..I do appreciate your rply. Its a big relief! God Bless
pteanna responded:
i am not an expert ut i can give u an advice
first of all i want to know wheather the lower molar was rotated(the one which got debanded) if so,in those cased putting a bonded bracket is not advisory instead a banded molar is more efficient.
it doesnt matter if the and size is loose untill the doc uses a good cement to fix it.all that matters is the position of the buccal tube over the band and how well it is placed.
when it comes to your upper teeth u can ask your doctor to change it to bandable brackets unless there are no accessories(eg.head gear) or multiple tooth movements occuring in relation to molar.
bending of band is not at all a problem unless it interfers in occlusion(i.e while biting).
i hope i fullfilled your quaries...if there is still any thing that bothers you please do ask and i wl do my best
have a nice day

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