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Do wisdom teeth misalign teeth?
twalker1991 posted:
have two partially erupted impacted wisdom teeth on the bottom. I was curious if those wisdom teeth have the ability to push on the other teeth and potentially misalign them. I never had perfectly aligned teeth. I am not sure if it is just in my head, but the look of my bottom teeth seem more misaligned to me lately.
twalker1991 responded:
another thing i wanted to note, ive read that wisdom teeth misalign teeth that are near it. I dont really care about misalignment of teeth in the back, i just care about the front. So my question is, can wisdom teeth misalign teeth in the front
Courtney_Nicole responded:
The answer is yes wisdom teeth can move your teeth and cause them to be misaligned. I am a dental hygienist and we see this problem quite frequently. Not to mention if they are partially erupted then you are more prone to getting a cavity due to not being able to keep them cleaned well. My best advice to you is to see your dentist and have them take a panorex x-ray on you to show the location of the wisdom teeth to see if they can be removed in office or if you will have to see an oral surgeon due to the roots of the teeth being close to the nerves which could cause damage if not extracted correctly. Good Luck!
db2kp responded:
To add to Courtney_Nicole's we get older, our tongue naturally can push our lower front teeth forward. This happens over a long period of time. It's not something that happens overnite. As Courtney_Nicole mentioned in her post, have your wisdom teeth removed, so that they don't cause further problems.
JeffDent responded:

Based on most oral surgery textbooks and dental literature, there is no indication that wisdom teeth malalign any teeth other than the one right next to it. This is an urban myth that has become quite popular over the years but a good trick to convince people to pull their wisdom teeth (because they should). Teeth (and particularly lower teeth) have the tendancy to drift toward the middle of the mouth due to various reasons.
Johnnie38 responded:
agree with courtney nicole. my 16 yo son has been out of braces for less than a year, has a permanent retainer on bottom, sleeps in a retainer/mouth guard every night. his wisdom teeth just began to erupt about four months ago. his lower teeth began moving. he had his wisdom teeth out last month.
JeffDent responded:

Your son's teeth are moving because he is a growing boy and his jaw is growing.
kaneriffic replied to Johnnie38's response:
I would still be careful because I left my wisdom teeth unnoticed and they have completely shifted my bottom teeth to one side so they have lost centering. My bottom teeth are consequently being shoved further back in one direction due to the impacted tooth, thus sending sharp blasts of pain through my jaw and to my neck. Since they have been completely moved my bite hits raw nerves every time I eat. So MAKE SURE TO GET IMPACTED TEETH REMOVED AS I DID NOT EVEN NOTICE THAT MINE WAS GROWING SIDEWAYS UNTIL RECENTLY.
4ndyliang replied to kaneriffic's response:
HI i saw your response about wisdom tooth. i was wondering if your teeth ever moved back to normal after getting the wisdom tooth removed

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