Wisdom tooth removed, still in pain
avenged89 posted:
I went to the dentist on Tuesday to have my wisdom tooth removed. The dentist gave me three shots. He said he had to break the tooth away from the bone. Not sure exactly what that meant. Anyway its three days later and I am still in pain. I can barely open my mouth to talk or eat. When I am able to eat, my teeth on the bottom left side hurt. And my jaw on the left side is very painful even to the touch. Its weird but it kinda feels like my jaw is trying to fall off. I dont know if this is normal or not but any information or advice is greatly appreciated.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi avenged89,

I apologize for the late reply and hope that you are feeling better!

Here is a WebMD Overview on Wisdom Tooth Extraction that gives the common symptoms of what to expect after the procedure. If you are still feeling such pain and cannot open your mouth, please call your dentist. Take care and best of luck!
Best Wishes! Amelia