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Raw, Dark Red Area inside Cheek with eroded spots!!!! Please help!!!
An_224509 posted:
I had a smooth raw area in my mouth that covered a small spot, but there was this thin curved flesh colored line that was similar to a rash that extended across my entire cheek. I had to really pull my cheek out to see the change in texture, the bumps were super super fine. and in a neat curved line.

I was at the time treating an infected nose pierceing on that very side of my face. I used 100% tea tree oil, not sure if it made it worse but I noticed later on that there was a tiny piece of my cheek eaten away. I stopped using the tea tree oil, and started doin sea salt water rinses, it helped alot. I did the salt rinses up to a point where I thought it would heal from there on its own... it didnt.

Its gotten worse, its darker red than the rest of my mouth but not drastically visible, and its rashy, and the eroded area got bigger, its cracked looking instead of round ulcer looking, it doesnt hurt at all, and it hasnt spread beyong that initial line it made... it feels dry against my teeth, pebbly like, and its very raw. The sea salt rinses 3 times day make it much better the next morning, but I havent been consistent with it, and it hasnt gone away completely in 3 weeks.

My jaws and my neck began hurting, also on this side is a tooth I had a root canal on like 6 years ago, never got a crown, the cement has worn down terribly, its very rough and jagged, so much so I cant even get floss in between the tooth with out it tearing the string up, not sure whats causing this. I also have misshapen wisdom teeth, no swollen glands, or difficulty swallowing, or talking etc... awaiting my insurance to go through at work to make an appt, but Im really scared, I dont smoke or drink, Im a 25 yr old black female, who's father and grandfather died of spindle cell carcinoma.

Will this spot ever go away? is google in love with the word cancer or can there be another reason for this? I know Ive been terrible at keeping up with my oral exams, finally it hits home.

Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon_134162,

I really wish that you could get to a dentist and/or doctor about all of these concerns. I think that you should make some calls and see which offices will take payment plans or even provide care credit services. It definitely sounds like you need to see a professional and get examined. I would hate for an infection to spread and make things worse. Please talk to friends and family about recommendations and try to seek some professional help. Take care of yourself and please keep us posted!
Best Wishes! Amelia

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