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smelly yellow coating on my tongue
baz2000 posted:
a bit about my case .i noticed a thick yellow coat on my tongue .it stank had little red spots and i could scrape it of but it always came back .i tried all of the following

mouthwash vinegar ...flucazole brush it off none of which worked this went on for months i was scared to stand to close to anyone in case they could smell it .

i would put table salt on it this would kill it for a short time but it came back

then while i was online i came across a gem of info that seems to have fixed my problem ....drinking tea ..i drank 10+ cups a day so i stopped drinking altogether

day one
no tea and i gargled a teaspoon of salt in about a mouthful of lukewarm water and i brushed salt directly on to my to tongue ..cover toothbrush twice with salt and cover a much of your tongue as you can with the brush get right to the back aswell you will gag a bit {lol} but stick with it rinse your brush afterward repeat again before you go to bed....

day two
same as day one now today my tongue was a a lot more pink/red and it didnt stink as much first thing in the morning and my tongue was not covered with yellow gunk .....i must point out that im a smoker as well 20 a day so morning breath on day 2 may be because of smokes {lol}

repeat this for a few days to see that it is cured
also i used a regular brush for my tongue but i recommend a tongue brush as my tongue has a slight sting today

this worked for me but your case may be different if the cure i posted does not work for you visit a doctor for advice

salt seems to not only kill it but stops it coming back but stay off any tea drinking ..sorry tea drinkers
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