Solution 4 Mouth Ulcers
chitrakarthek posted:
The reason 4 mouth ulcers is CONSTIPATION, Imbalance nutrition, eating unwholesome food and dehydration. So if proper food is given and if it is digested properly and the waste or human excreta is sent out properly, there wont be such problems like mouth ulcers, bad breathe etc. For a better discharge of excreta, there is a medicine given by Siddhaas which is available in all Homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicinal stores called TRIPALA CHURNA. It cures all kinds of stotmach ailments and keeps the body out of toxicity. And my smaller advice is after having food, pls take hot water which helps digestion. Bad digestion, bloated gas and undischarged toxic excreta in the body is only responsible 4 this mouth ulcer.........Get well soon,,,,,,All d best
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plazadental responded:
Mouth ulcer generally depicts the condition of stress, illness or lack of Vit B complex. These are really very painful and annoying that pop up anytime. Other than what you suggested we can also take some vit B complex capsule and utilizes home remedies such as dabbing the sore with hydrogen peroxide or rinsing with salt water solution.