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sinus trouble in my teeth
pretzel58 posted:
need info on sinus that have gotten into my teeth i went to the dentist this
week and my dentist told me about this and i have never heard of this before if you can give me any info i would appreicate it thank you.
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Zev Kaufman, DDS responded:
Dear pretzel58:

What you are probably referring to is called Pneumatized sinus. The sinuses are air chambers within our skull, located over the posterior (back) upper teeth. Some people have "thicker" alveolar bone (the bone the teeth are set in) than others. In your case, it probably looks as if the sinus comes around all the roots. It is just your genetic situation. It just means that your alveolar bone is thinner than most. It is not a problem or anything you should worry about. It is the same as being a righty or lefty. The only time it is a problem is when the upper teeth are extracted and the bone is not replaced, and implants are being planned. Implants cannot be placed into "no-bone". In that situation, a gone graft (growing bone) has to be done "under" the sinus.

Again, unless you need implants, don't worry about it.

Since I do not have your X-rays, I would recommend you you ask your dentist for more information and make sure that my answer is correct by YOUR clinical findings.

Best wishes,
Dr. Zev Kaufman
MandCsMom replied to Zev Kaufman, DDS's response:
I kind of have a problem with tooth sinuses too. I went to the dentist twice for pressure, and the second time I also had a hard bump on my upper gumline. The dentist gave me a prescription for Amoxicillan both time, but I dont think it has done anything. The bump is still there. It is not painful at all, and my teeth no longer have pressure or any sort of discomfort. The bump is just a nuissance and i want to get rid of it. Recently a milky substance has come out of the top part of the bump. Is there anything i can do to make it go away?
marybaranski replied to Zev Kaufman, DDS's response:
how risky would it be for me to have tooth 14 extracted. My oral surgeon said the sinus would be punctured. Does this usually heal on its own?

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