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fleeback posted:
Hi everybody. I'm 54 and had a Liver transplant on 1/1/14. I'm looking forward to using this site.
holly69 responded:
Congratulations! How are you feeling? I am awaiting transplant, I have a MELD of 19 and think I have a bit of a wait in front of me. Did you have false alerts of livers that just didn't make the cut at the last minute? They told us to prep for that.

tuna51 responded:
Good for you. I'm 63 and had a liver TX 9/99. 9 months later, because of stenosis (where the main artery is connected became too tight), I had a Hepatic Artery TX.
Lots of things went down. Therapy with peg. then 14 months on interferon/ribavarin. All to no avail, but that was back in 06 and I'm still working out in the sun all day and doing ok. I've had cirrhosis for about 6 years, but it's stable.
I do catch some bugs because of the lowered immune system.
I tell you all this to encourage you to enjoy every new day as a gift. Hang in there, stay informed. Be your own advocate. I had one local doc that didn't like having to follow instr. from my transplant team. Thought he knew better!?!? I got rid of that guy.
So, keep on rocking. I see you have a pic of a guitarist so, I'll leave you on this:
C G Am. The whole song! And the song? Simple Man. Skynrd Baby. Peace bro. Tuna
lainsky responded:
Congrats! I had a liver transplant 3/21/13. I had what holly69 was referring to. 4th liver offered was the one I got. No one told me I should prepare for that.
How are you doing? I'm finally back to working out & hoping to get this extra weight off soon!
Recovery takes time. Don't rush yourself.
Have a great day!
lainsky replied to holly69's response:
Hi holly69. I had my transplant 3/21/13. Yes I had the false hopes of livers offered. It's quite the emotional rollercoaster, but I learned to look at it this way: "It's not the right liver for me. Maybe something's wrong with it, or my body would reject it. Just not the right one."
That helped me deal with that part a lot easier.
The 4th one offered was the one transplanted. Best wishes for your transplant & recovery.
msbirdie917 responded:
Hi fleeback!! You are really new! How are you feeling? I am 8 months out from liver and kidney transplant. Still recovering. Trying to get my muscle tone back. I was very sick and mostly in the hospital year and a half before I got the call Praise the Lord! I just got on this site myself. Just found it tonite.Love your picture of Kiss! I am totally a Kiss fan! Like the original group the best.Feel beter and don't rush it . They keep saying we will get stronger!
msbirdie917 replied to holly69's response:
Hello Holly Hope you are feeling good tonite. I am a recipient of a liver and kidney. Was 8 months ago. My MELD score was 19 for several months before I got sick enough to be put on the transplant list.I believe my score was 38 or 39 and my kidneys were functioning at less than 20%.I don't mean to sound like a downer. When were you diagnosed with liver disease? Hang in there Holly. Lets talk again soon.Love Ya! I will put you on my prayer list. Do not give up.

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