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blood types
peacarot posted:
My blood type is o+. My brother who is needing a kidney transplant is A-. Is that going to be a problem for me to donate a kidney to him?
MrsCora01 responded:
Interestingly enough, I am an A and my cousin who gave me a kidney is type O. There are many other hurdles to pass through besides just the blood typing, but this particular case is not an issue. I am now 7.5 years out and have never had an episode of rejection (knock on wood) even though we were only a 1 out of 6 antigen match.

Thanks so much for thinking about donating. Best of luck to the two of you. Feel free to ask lots of questions.

Oh, btw, the /- issues are only important for blood donation, not organ donation.

John-SKPT responded:
The whole blood group antigens thing is easier to understand if you think of it this way:

There are A markers, and there are B markers. O has neither A nor B markers, and AB has both A and B markers.

You don't want to upset the apple cart, so A can go to A or to AB. (Nothing new is introduced.) B can go to B or AB. (Same here, nothing that wasn't there already is added.) O, since it brings nothing new to the party, can go into A, B, AB or O.

Now the HLA matching is a whole different matter, and add PRA to that and it gets a lot more complex. But as far as blood groups, it's pretty straightforward.
John-SKPT replied to John-SKPT's response:
Oh yeah, the Rh factor ( and -) does not affect tissue match at all, it only affects red blood cell transfusions.
peacarot replied to MrsCora01's response:
I matched 5 for 6 antigen test..passed all the other tests and the surgery date is June 8...Thank you for taking the time to answer this question...God bless you..
MrsCora01 replied to peacarot's response:
Congratulations to both you and your recipient. Best of luck to both of you and please keep us posted.

nansterdee replied to MrsCora01's response:
My cousin donated a kidney to me in January of's been almost 8 years for me too. She was 0-, I was 0 ..with the Rh factor. We did not have any matching antigens, but the transplant was successful..I've had a few issues regarding the side effects of the drugs, but as with you (knock on wood!!), I've not had any rejection episodes. Transplant has come a long way over the years, and I think it's great than non relatives and friends are now able to donate. Congrats on your successful transplant Cora!
nansterdee replied to peacarot's response:
That is so great..I suppose by now, you've donated your kidney...I hope it all went successfully, and that both you and the recipient are doing well!! Thanks for being a donor!

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