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thedohertys4 posted:
I was in a lot of pain in hand/wrist and foot. I have been on Enbrel for a couple of years and it worked fine. I was taking Advil for a few months, the only thing that would ease the pain. I found out that taking Advil while using Enbrel was not good - that the Advil (ibuprofen) caused the Enbrel to not work. I got off Advil and am much better, just needing an Aleve from time to time. Also...does anyone's doctor have them get yearly MRI's? I just got one on hand/wrist and it showed progression/erosion but I was very swollen when I had the MRI thinking it might have given a false reading. Any thoughts?? Does anyone either take or hear about Omega 3 fish oil and folic acid helping a lot? What about taking B-12? Would the folic acid, B-12 or fish oil interfere with the Enbrel working?
TerriH52 responded:
I have been on Enbrel for 5 months and it works great for me. I have had only taken 5 Darvacet since starting it. At first I was taking Tylenol a couple times a day for the minor pain in my hands and then it stopped helping. Now I am taking 2 Ibuprofen every morning which my doctor told me was o.k. It has had no effect on the enbrel. I am taking Folic Acid, Fish Oil and Vit. E because the doctor told me to. I am on 2mg Pred every day which by March 12 when I see my doctor again he wants me off of it. He said the Folic Acid was to be taken as long as I am on the Pred. I have been on Fish Oil for alot of years even when I had the RA and wasn't diagnosed. I don't know if it really helps any but he wants me to keep taking it so I will. I have never had an MRI just some X-rays and lots of blood work. My hands and wrist do swell up from time to time but the pain is just about all gone.
Betheg responded:
Both of my RA docs (the first one retired) and my PCP say that folic acid is absolutely necessary when taking Methotrexate, Enbrel and other strong arthritis meds it does not interfere with other meds and it helps protect your liver from the damage that the drugs can cause

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