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    Glucosamine may help you!!
    swe3t3 posted:
    A coworker gave me a glucosamine supplement (generic of osteo biflex) and after 2 days on it the awful joint pain i have been experiencing is completely gone! He takes it to alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis, and when i expressed my fear that i might have developed RA he urged me to try it. I never thought i'd be the same, and i now understand the terrible feeling of isolation that comes with RA. Everytime i'd look at someone, i'd feel so separated, like they are normal and now i may have this label and would never remember what it was like to do daily tasks free of pain again. I will never again take my health for granted, and i feel empathy for others who have any type of disease or disorder. Appearing healthy and feeling bad is awful, people just don't understand. I do now, and i admire the strength all of those afflicted show each day. Good luck, and please, try the glucosamine. Let me know if it helps any of you :).View Thread
    _swank_ responded:
    It generally takes several weeks for someone to feel the effects of glucosamine. But some people get the placebo effect overnight. But that will wear off quickly. Hopefully it will continue to work for you but don't be surprised if it doesn't. It was worthless for me. All it did was burn a hole in my wallet.

    If you have RA then you need to see a rheumatologist. They can prescribe meds that will help keep the disease in check and prevent further damage to your joints. Glucosamine is going to do nothing for that.

    As for being labeled with RA...I don't get that. It is what it is but it doesn't mean you're not normal. If you have it it's just something you have to learn to live with and hopefully keep under control with the help of a doctor. It doesn't make you less of a person.
    swe3t3 replied to _swank_'s response:
    I did not say having a conditon made you less than a person, do not put words in my mouth. It made me feel separate from the healthy people i was around. We all react differently. And glucosamine does not take weeks to work. I know 3 people who felt relief from arthritis in days. It took me 2 days. If it is placebo affect i will take it. I feel bett and i was only trying to help oers feel better, too.
    Lainey_WebMD_Staff replied to swe3t3's response:
    Hi Swe3t3,

    Welcome to the community. Please feel free to join our discussions and share experiences. Many people feel separated when dealing with RA or osteoarthritis. We have a discussion about it here, if you are interested.

    There is an ongoing debate about glucosamine and if it worked for you that is good enough. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Take care,

    It's at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys. Emil Zatopek

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