Do I have arthritis?
MrsShortBus posted:
I have suffered from my hips popping, as if they are going in/out of socket, as I walk for years. Sometimes it was painful but not always. I have never had any problems w/my knees or shoulders. Within the last year, I've been able to crack my right clavical and it crunches as I rotate my shoulder. Sometimes this is painful. Recently, within the last month, I have developed right shoulder pain. Dull pain at rest and sharper pain when I try to lift my arm. I have also develped pain in my left knee, shap stabbing when I walk. Even shaper when going up/down a step. I've also develped pain in my right hip. The last couple of days it hurts to sit, stand, walk, lie down on either side or on my back. I suffered from rheumatic fever when I was 6 which affects joints. Could I have a form of arthritis? My mom, 70 y/o, has rheumatoid & osteoarthritis but didn't have any problems until about 60's. I am 48 y/o.
_swank_ responded:
Yes, of course, anyone can have some form of arthritis. However, that is not a question that can be answered on the internet. It requires a visit to a doctor that can examine you and order the appropriate tests. It is possible to have pain in a joint and not have arthritis.