osteoarthritis exercise cycle
voduki posted:
hi my mother was recently diagnosed as early osteoarthritis.doctor suggested to buy an exercise cycle.i went to showroom and i found out that there are 2 kinds of cycle upright and recumbent.my mother age is 60 so she is feeling recumbent cycle is comfortable.is it ok to buy a recumbent cycle for her.pls reply..thank you
_swank_ responded:
Well, nobody on the internet can tell you if it's okay. But honestly, why wouldn't it be? Recumbents are much more comfortable, especially if you have lower back pain. Besides the comfort level, you also want to check the ease of getting on and off the bike. You didn't say where in her body she has OA, but if it's in her hips, for instance, it can be hard to get on and off a bike if you have to swing your leg over the seat. Try to get one that she can just get on and sit down.
finn2 responded:
I'm 64 and I tried both ,. The upright was very painful for me, during use and afterwards. I have lower back pain and knee pain. I bought the recumbent. Much better for me. Just take it easy, don't overdo it at first.