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    Hip replacement
    paininthebac posted:
    Considering hip replacement - bone on bone. Have compressed lower vertebrae, scoliosis, painful knees, arthritis almost everywhere and fibromyalgia. Using walker 1 yr. Cane several yrs before. Been walking hunched over for so long can hardly straighten now. On leg with bad hip I haven't been able to straighten it while laying down for several years. Afraid I won't be able to accomodate life with hip replacement due to all my other problems. Am 70# overwt., but have lost 50# over last 5 months. Hope to be at normal wt. by time of surgery. Am a passionate gardener in spite of all this, using low, rollng cart and bending over while standing. I sleep in a recliner with pillows under knees due to lower back pain. Have been told that these things will be impossible after surgery. Would an power recliner work? Can't imagine life without gardening. Am director of a children's gardening program. I've tried a kneeler, but too painful for knees. Is there any hope for continuing my gardening in future? Also I am the librarian for small library, a job which entails working with books on lower shelves. How would I deal with that dilemna? Thanks for any suggestions.
    georgia888 responded:
    Hello paininthebac,
    Firstly, I'd like to commend you on doing your best to continue to live your life despite your ailments. I can well relate as I, too, have bone-on-bone OA of my left hip, as well as moderate to severe OA in my spine, knees, elbow, toes, etc. We have even more in common in that I, too, suffer from Fibromyalgia in addition to the OA.

    You don't mention your age. I am 56. I want to further commend you on losing 50 pounds & also encourage you to do your best to lose any access pounds as keeping our weight at a normal range is crucial in managing OA as well as general well being.

    Because I haven't yet undergone hip replacement surgery, I can't advise you in that area however, you seem so determined to not let your condition interfere with your life that I have to believe that this attitude will help with your recovery when & if you do go through with surgery.

    I visit a warm water pool at a nearby gym & this has helped me very much with flexibility. Physical therapy follows all joint replacement surgery & I believe that the therapists will be able to answer most if not all of your concerns with regard to post surgery gardening, lower shelves at the library, etc.

    My aunt had severe OA of the spine & although she was completely hunched over & used both a walker & wheelchair at times, she continued to garden, travel, etc. The better shape you get yourself into before surgery, the better you will recover.

    Please keep us posted.


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