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    Severe wrist pain
    Neekling posted:
    really hope someone out there can help!!! About 5 yrs ago, I, out of the blue, went to do something, Turn a door knob? When the very 1st episode of severe pain began. Upon making that motion, my out wrist (ulna side) the pain that went searing through my wrist (which lasted only seconds, to no more than a minute, or two) was equivalent to that pof a bone being snapped in half. At first,the episodes would happen about twice a yr for the first 1-2 yrs, then gradually began happening more and more times, never lasting anymore than 3 days ,max. Until recently, which has now been 5+ weeks of these attacks..
    In the five yrs of trying to cope and deal with these "attacks" I've had CTS testing, several x-rays, 4 mri's, lab work, and I think a CT scan. All with no answers... The ONLY telltale sign to all Drs I have seen is a very mild swelling of my wrist.
    These attacks come on with NO WARNING SIGNS whatsoever. And what I did two minutes ago, that may not have cause any pain, could cause pain two minutes from now, and oddly enough, repeating the same motion only a minute or two later may not cause the pain again.
    The inconsistency of pain recurences, and lack of any positive testing, is making it very difficult for the Drs to diagnos and treat. Ive had every test, and treament imagineable, and NOTHING eleviates the pain or attacks. Icing it, hot packs, ibuprofen, naproxen, wrist splints, air casts, rest, PT, nothing helps at all. Can someone please make a suggestion, Im so desperate for answers and relief from these attacks, im literally ready to cut the hand off, if it weren't my dominate hand... which reminds me, due to the lengthy episode of the past 5 weeks recurring/intermitten attacks, I've lost some strength in my grip of the pinky and ring fingers.
    A lil more info, there is never any numbness, and the pain shoots through quickly and is done and can happen 20 times in an hr, or two times in a day. Just the other day I reached out to turn the doorknob to open my door and the pain was so intense my hand froze on the doorknob for approximately 45-60 seconds, making it difficult for me to let go, and this was the longest single episode. The pain does not seem to be coming from the very joint itself, but is very deep in the wrist somewhere...
    I've seen several different drs for this, all of which are left as baffled as the other.
    Neekling responded:
    Any ideas from anyone at all?
    _swank_ replied to Neekling's response:
    If you're having problems with your pinky and ring fingers then perhaps you're focusing on the wrong joint. The ulnar nerve runs into those fingers and often gets pinched in your elbow which can cause pain anywhere along that nerve.

    What kind of doctors have you seen? Have you had an EMG?
    Neekling responded:
    Hi, ty for your reply, Swank. The pain does not effect my fingers as a rule, only recently were there an episode or two where it did, and it was more of a feeling of tendon pain than nerve pain. As someone who has been in six car accidents (always a passenger lol) been hit by a truck, suffered 3rd degree burns, had my leg pinned in a boulder pile, and a tree branch put a hole completely through my foot, I am well aware of the different types of pain (i.e. nerve pain, tendon pain, muscle pain, bone pain, burn pain, and all skin sensation types of pain). This particular wrist problem started out as i said, felt like someone braoke my wrist in half but did not feel that in the bone, just the intesnity of the pain in the nearby tendons, nerve endings, and muscles that one feels when they DO break a bone.
    I have seen primary care physician, orthopedic, endocrinologist, orthopedic surgeon, and a plastic surgeon. The tests I have had are clinical examination, 5 x-rays, ct scan, 4 mri, emg, and 1 complete arthitic profile line of testing including, but not limited to, lyme, ra, cbc with auto diff, calcium, esr (sed rate), phsphorus (fasting test), ana, total protein electrolytes, etc... I've even gone to different ortho's looking for different opinions, they have all ruled out ganglions, arthritis, tendinitis, breaks, tears, and sprains, but still, they are all left scratching their heads with no certain answers. As I stated, they can see the minor swelling on top and bottom of wrist, but nothing seems to show up in tests. With pain this severe, I've really become disappointed in modern technology, I just don't understand why no one can see anything, the good news is, they have not given up on finding an answer for me, especially since I refuse to take any type of narcotic pain medication.... I just don't think it would help anyways, nothing else has thus far...
    Side note, a few yrs ago, I severely injured my ulnar nerve in the same arm, while on a trampolene, I dont know if the two would have anything to do with each other but would an emg for CTS show up anything on the ulnar side? if it wasn't the main focus at that time?
    Sigh... growing more desperate for relief, my bf recently said the pain is changing who I am, that he can see it affecting my quality of life and that I'm no longer the funny, fun loving, outgoing person I was just 8 months ago
    _swank_ replied to Neekling's response:
    No, an EMG for carpal tunnel syndrome wouldn't find a problem with the ulnar nerve. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is different. The fact that they can't find anything wrong with your wrist kind of tells me the problem is not with your wrist.

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