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Hip Replacement Surgery and Motorcycle riding recovery
guyjr posted:
Good Morning, I am 57 years old and on my fifth week of recovery from total hip replacement, and am amazed at how well I am told i am doing. PT is so rewarding after two years of constant pain, I have had the greatest results with the best care from everybody. My experience has been awesome, I recommend surgery with total hip replacement to all those that need it. I waited two years, which only complicated my surgery, but I really would appreciate any information from people that have started riding their motorcycles after similar surgery. It is tough to get a real time frame, since most medical people associated with my care are not riders. I have read stories of small scooter riders and trikes, but I really would appreciate hearing from people who have years of riding experience, some whom have went back to riding their motorcycle, Thanks God Bless Be safe always
georgia888 responded:
Hi Guyjr,
Unfortunately, I can't give advice on riding your motorcycle but have to believe that someone in the medical field can. The doctors, therapists, nurses, etc. are very well versed on joint replacements as it's such a common procedure. Ask around. It's always best to receive such advice from a medical person.

I want to thank you for sharing your positive experience with us. It seems more often than not, we hear from those with negative experiences. I'll be 57 in a few months & I'm overdue for a hip replacement. Your encouraging words are an inspiration.

I wish you continued success with your recovery & hope that you can soon be back on your bike with your new hip.

StuartBroughton responded:
Hi Guyjr
I had total hip replacement 6 years ago when I was 70. I was determined to gain mobility as quickly as poss. I took my wife on holiday in Portugal 4 weeks after surgery & helped her over a cliff path. After 8 weeks I returned to visit a project in a remote part of the Congo and spent 4 hours in a 4-wheel drive along tracks followed by 3 hours hike through the bush. The difficult part was crossing a river on slippy rocks! I have never regreted having surgery, as I had been in pain for about 10 years before. Now I can walk, run, ride a bicycle and I enjoy most of all riding my daughter's very lively warm-blood mare. I have ridden a motorcycle too and don't see any problem with that. I have always loved sky-diving and plan to do a charity jump later this year. God bless you and keep you!
wilcoxfood responded:
good morning guyjr--
I'm 74 years old and I hhad my firs leftt hip replacement 9 years ago and my right hip replacement 4 years ago.
I have riden bikes almost since my 14th birthday and raced bikes since I was 18 until I started my family at the age of 23. When my family was raised my wife and I purchased a Gold Wing and put 85,000 miles on it. Since my hip replacements I have been a little leary of getting another bike. But, surprisingly, we have another bike for strictly pleasure and we do enjoy riding again. I have not had any problems with my hips, but I'm probably a much more careful rider mostly due to the other traffic on the roads.

I guess what I'm saying, the decision to continue riding is up to the individual. I did,nt start riding for about 1 yr after the second hip replacement. I think the greatest danger to us old guys are the nuts on the highway that don't see us.

Good luck in whatever decision you come to and keep the greasy side down.
bazza950 responded:
I am in the same boat 5 weeks in and can't wait to get back on the Honda 750 -hoping to ride to Spain in 3 weeks time.Mines got a touring riding position ( a 750 NC)
Given your post was 3 years ago -how soon did you start riding again?

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