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    Option of Hip Replacement ?
    RanjitThakker posted:
    hi, friends i am 41 years old having Ankylosing Spondilosis (Due to Calcification in spinal code L-2 & L-3) since 1990 & my both hips are damaged since almost 11 years (Due to drugs Like Voveran(Pain killer)) & Wysolone(Steroid) Prescribed by Doctors & i am Suffering by Bambuspine also One of Dr. Suggest me to HIP Replacement in 2001 But another Dr. Suggest me not to do Hip Replacement Due to my Younger age (31years) from last 11 years i am living with this DRUGS & now at Present i am unable to Walk & Stand Strait Due to Pain & Bamboospine(Band Spinal code & Hips)

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    Scott Zashin, MD responded:
    TNF blockers such as Enbrel, Humira, Simponi and Remicade are approved to treat Ank Spon. They are helpful for inflammation associated with prolonged AM stiffness but typically do not help damage joints. I discuss the TNF blockers in my book Arthritis Without Pain. The Miracle of TNF blockers.There is an increased risk of reactivating tuberculosis with these drugs so they can be a problem for patients who live in countries such as India where there is an increased incidence of TB
    RanjitThakker replied to Scott Zashin, MD's response:
    Thank you sir, for giving me hope of optional to treat my problem other than Replacement but i cant understand your medical language so pl.reply me in common language which will be helpful for me & other persons who have problem like me, I request you to send me your reply on my personal email id " "
    waiting for your reply
    yours faithfully
    Ranjit Thakker
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to RanjitThakker's response:
    Hi Ranjit,

    Dr. Zashin does not email members directly so I hope you'll keep checking back here for any further responses from him.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    Scott Zashin, MD replied to RanjitThakker's response:
    Hope this helps.There are medications used in the US to treat aan arthritis condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Perhaps this is what you have. If so, these medicatons help with joint pain but do not reverse any joint damamge. One down side of these meds is that they can increase the risk of serious infections such as tuberculosis.
    dapeck responded:
    was 55 and a v.a. doctor kept telling me to wait because i was so young. i suffered badly for 2 years and then a new doctor came to the v.a. and he said why would anybody have you wait and put you on these drugs you are on for 2 yrs? he immediately set me up for a hip replacement, which i had in 1998, it has been 14 yrs now and it's holding good so far. sure i may need another one if i live as long as my dad(92) but it's better than suffering they way i was. get it done!!
    rjbeck77 responded:
    It seems to me you have osteonecrosis of the hip. I am a 45-year old male that has osteonecrosis due to prednisone. I was told by 1 ortho that I should wait but the pain was so bad and walking was almost impossible so I had my hip replaced when I was 44. and my shoulder replaced at 42 yr's old I made the right not waiting to long ...I was in the same situation were 1 doctor said wait and another said do the surgery. I waited until I could not take the pain any more

    I was up and walking the next day and the pain I had for 4-5yr's in my hip was gone...Take care RB

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