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Does anyone know a bursitis of the hip cure?
CierraChanel posted:
I am 22 years old and have bursitis in my left hip. I am dancer and have had it since i was 12 years old. The pain is taking over my life and i really want this bursa out!!!! I feel like over the years it has spread to my knee i dont know if thats possible but thats what it feels like!!!!! i take about 15 ibuprofen a day which i know is not healthy. can anyone give some advice on what i should do?? I REALLY NEED HELP!!
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
My typical patient with trochanteric bursitis of the hip(the most common type) is over 40 and is not a dancer so I would refer someone like you who has had it at a young age and possibly due to your activities to an ortho, In my patient population,some of the treatments I use are injection with corticosteroids and an anesthetic, moist heat pads such as therma care(OTC) and lidoderm patch which is a prescription lidocaine anesthetic patch FDA approved for pain after shingles. When given for trochanteric bursisitis it is an " off label use" since it is not approved by the FDA for that indication. There are specific instructions from the manufacturer how many patches one can wear, for how long and how to safely dispose.
Wanigas responded:
Since I started taking 6000mg of fish oil a day,several years ago, I have not had any pain.
Texan responded:
To all those with osteo-arthritis and similar joint problems, I have found a great exercise program that really helps by giving flexibility and strength. It's called Classical Stretch and it is on public TV. You have to search your schedules for it. Miranda has developed the stretches that can be adapted to all levels. It really works. She was a ballet dancer and has worked with physiotherapists. These exercises are not harmful and target the full range of muscles in the body. I can't say enough good things about it as I've had a short recovery from hip replacement surgery because of doing the stretches for over 2 years and after 4 months am back to doing the full program. Check it out!
smann68 responded:
My doctor gives me the shots that the dr. above was referring to and he also gives me a presciption for a cream that I put on the area twice daily. The cream is called voltaren gel. It works really well for me.

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