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Regrowing Bursa Sacks?
cpasista posted:
I am 61 yrs and female. I have two total hip replacements & the bursa sacks were removed. Two yrs after the 2nd surgery I now have pain in both hips. One doctor tells me the prosthesis are foreign to my body and the muscles around them are inflamed due to them. My surgen tells me, bursa sacks may grow back thus causing pain. Has anyone ever heard of this?
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
I have seen some of my patients develop pain in the trochanteric (hip) bursa after hip replacement.
zykan replied to Scott Zashin, MD's response:
I have had trochanteric bursitis for almost 2 years, after a fall on my right hip. Have tried everything...had MRI, cortisone shots, physical no avail. Have read that some people with this have had terrific relief after having the bursa "removed." When I asked my internist about this, he was ADAMANT that I not do this...said it was the worst thing he had ever heard! Do you have a reply to this....or has anyone else tried this surgery lately and had good results. Have not asked an orthopedic doctor about this surgery yet....thank you so much