Head Sweats
nellyann759 posted:
Head sweats - no kidding!!. Embarrassment - many times. I too have suffered from this weird affliction for about 2 years and my doctors just tell me it's my medication. I think it's odd that medication woulld cause only my head and neck to sweat so much that my thick, mid-length hair is soaked and acctually dripping. I have had a 4 level lumbar fusion (4 years ago) and now I'm facing a cervical fusion from C2 - C8. I also have severe foraminal stenosis from C2 through C7. I take Tramadol, Skelaxin, Cymbalta, Allopurinol, Levothyroxin and several other meds. I have Fibro as well and pain has been my constant companion (who wants a friend like this) for about 15 years - I'm 62, been off HRT for 3 years. I woulld really appreciate a solid answer about the "Head Sweats" when someone has one. Please keep us all infomed - and, Thanks.