Can someone please help i am having serious problems with my 2 fingers after a operation a month & half ago
Connor_h posted:
Hi im 19 years old i just had a operation on my little finger & the one next to it. i am in severe pain im currently taking tramadol, They are completely bent over. And this has been like it for nearly 1 month & a half. They are just not going straight. [br>[br>I would really appreciate it if someone could help me because i dont think i can take this anymore, or as anyone had this similar problem. [br>[br>PLEASE HELP!!!
_swank_ responded:
What does the surgeon say about this? He is the one that should be helping you right now, not people on the internet that have no clue what was done and why. I would also assume there's a physical therapist involved.

Follow up with your surgeon.