osteoarthritis of the hands
snoopy02 posted:
Hi, brand new to this site sure hope to find some insight into helping myself with this. I started getting sick in April 2012 and now throught so many blood test, x-rays, emg my Dr. says osteoarthritis. I really think I have more going on but he probably has the hand pain correct. My hands are so swollen,red,burn all day long towards night they get worse I can not close them and the mornings are bad! I have trouble opening jars turning key into a door no strenght in them, trouble tieing my shoes zipping pants etc. I've just now started reading about vitamines. Does anyone out there have this pain I have no pain in my knees I have a bad big toe joint and shoulder pain. I have this burning in the back side on my legs like I've got a serious sunburn.Dr says it's from standing at my job I find that impossible cause I've stood for 30 yrs. Does anyone have this going on. I think it could be nerves or a vein issue. Any ideas? tks