basal joint surgery
alntony posted:
I am scheduled to have the surgery on my right hand (I am right handed) in 2 weeks. After talking to the therapist, she said the recovery is rough, and reading these posts I am scared to have th surgery. I do have pain most of the time, but can live with it. I just don't want to lose the use of my hand. However and way too afraid to have the surgery. Any advise would help.
Bennington responded:
I will be post up 8 weeks tomorrow. At this stage in the eexperience I regret my decision to have the surgery done. I was never told what to expect post op and had I known there was going to be this much constant pain, and I mean constant, my pain level even with taking hydromorphone has never been below a 6 out of 10 with 10 being debilitating.

I am told that in the end the surgery will have been worth it and I am hoping that is correct. Unless you are able to devote a good 6 months to the recovery, without stress on your hand from from either working at a job or doing normal hand related type of activities, I would recommend that you wait. This surgery is not for squimish. The constant pain has been very draining not only from a phyrsical perspective but from an emotional one as well. I wish someone had sat me down prior to having the surgery so that I could have made the right decision after knowing exactly what to expect and whether or not I was able to commit to the recovery at this point in my career and my lifestyle. Hope this helps. Best wishes!
alntony replied to Bennington's response:
Thank you for your honesty. The doctor told me that my arm will be numb until the next day because of the block. Did you have a block? They said if I didn't have the surgery I would eventually loose use of my thumb. I don't want the surgery but don't want that to happen either. . I can only be off work for 2 weeks. The doctor said that would be fine. I can drive after the sutures are out. Can you do anything with your hand? I am a manager at a medical practice and at least need to use the computer. Did you have a lot of pain before the surgery?