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    No glucosamine-chondroitin if overweight?
    paperparasol posted:
    Arthritis became evident in my hip socket in April. A rheumatologist confirmed that it is osteoarthritis. I have not yet begun to take any meds and wonder, since the pain has diminished (but is not gone) over the past two weeks, whether glucosamine-chondroitin is worth a try before I go to NSAID's.

    I checked WebMD and some other sites. Each advises avoiding glucos-chond if one is overweight, but gives no reason. I've been unable to find information elsewhere. Calls to a couple of manufacturers resulted in replies of "I never heard of that." I believe I spoke with a research scientist at The Vitamin Shoppe headquarters, who opined that it may be due to extra weight putting extra strain on joints, therefore rendering the glucos-chond ineffective. He did say "no" when I told him I thought the advice might mean that the supplement could be harmful to an overweight person.

    I'm not sold on the reply, expecting that a website would say as much if it were the case. A straightforward, fully credible answer to "Why do these websites advise not taking glucosamine-chondroitin if you are overweight?"
    davedsel responded:

    I am obese and have severe osteoarthritis throughout my entire body, especially in my spine. I have taken different brands of glucosamine for many years and it has not affected my weight. When I consistently follow a healthy eating plan and get some activity I lose weight.

    IMHO, I would try the glucosamine. What I have found is that I get immune to a brand and must stop taking it , then take a different brand for a while. Each person is unique and their results will definitely vary. What is your doctor's opinion on this subject?

    Being obese definitely puts more stress on the joints which causes more pain. The "catch-22" is that increased joint pain causes one to be less active which causes one to not lose weight. If you can get your pain levels down, you may be able to be more active and lose some weight.

    I pray you find answers and relief soon.
    paperparasol replied to davedsel's response:
    Thanks for your input. What you've said gives some support to what the man at The Vitamin Shoppe HQ told me. My question remains, though. Is glucosamine-chondroitin dangerous to the health -- way beyond possible ineffectiveness -- of overweight people? I haven't spoken to the rheumatologist about it yet, but it would be smart to do. (I've been losing weight, which predates the onset of arthritis. I do exercise.)

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