ankle fusion pain
bill721ep posted:
Hi My name is Bill I have been reading all the stories about failed ankle fusions. Everyone I have talked with since I had mine done in 2001 has not had anything good to say about it . My story is , when I was about 13 I my right foot got caught in something and my body spun about 180 degrees (kind of like a 3 stooges movie) It hurt like hell and a buddy of mine let me lean on hin so I could walk home. That was in 1960 I was in pain off and on for years. fast forward to 1967 I was 19 and drafted in to the army and at my physical before I was sworn in I told the doctor that I had a bad ankle and I walked with pain most of the time ,he said if you can pull a trigger you're in the army. I was sworn in and went to basic training where there was a lot of running and jumping every day and a lot of times with full field packs. I went to sick call at least 10 times with a swollen ankle and told them that I cant walk because of severe pain. After them taking x rays at least 3 times they couldnt find anything. . they told me go back to my unit and continue with my training, there was nothing I could do except desert and I couldnt do that. Finally when I was in for 9 months ther was a doctor that saw what was happening and suggested me to get a medical discharge rather that having my ankle fused so I was discharged. ( I think he was a very smart man) I went thru the next 34 years with pain. I retired and met with a doctor inf florida and he talked me in to fusion so I had it done by him and after about 4 months I was out of the cast and walking with more pain than I was ever in. I kept going back to him and he kept telling me it wasnt healed yet so i went to another doctor for a second opinion and he said it was not fused and that the screws were comming out and more than likely it infected . I asked him why the first doctor didnt tell me that and he just shrugged his sholders. I told him to fix me up. Hrers what I had to go thru. Go in for surgery to open up the ankle and remove the hardware and flush it out.#2-wait 2 days and then go thru another surgery and install antiseptic beads in the ankle,cast it and go home with a wheel chair and no weight bearing for 12 weeks and during and getting intervienus anti-biotics ever day . After 12 weeks I went back for another surgery to open up my ankle and take out the anti-septic beads and then wait 2 days and they did another surgery to fuse the ankle again. I was in a cast with no weight bearing for another 12 weeks. Thats a total of over 6 months in a wheel chair. Here is where I am now in 2113 thats 12 years later. Im in pain constantly and walk with a limp and sometimes I fall. I had to buy a mobility scooter if I have to be anymore that 20 minutes on my feet. Nothing can be done, I dont want to take a chance in getting it fused again. Im 65 years old now . Hind site is 20/20 but If I knew then what I know now I would have had it amputaed and fitted for a artifical leg.. thats my story. thanks for listening
dkrev responded:
Bill I want to thank you for sharing your experience, I was considering having an ankle fusion because I am having some pain and some difficulty walking. I had a MRI and my foot is overpronated ruptured tendent. I had 2 opinions other than my foot doctor, they both did not encourage me to have the surgery, for the reasons you have shared. I am also 65 and loose my balance from time to time, however I bought myself a cane which has been very helpful, and I wear orthotics, there is some pain, I try to pace myself and rest when needed. I am so sorry you have had such a difficult experience, your being so open has stoped my searching for another opinion. Thank you very much!