I'm 30 and in misery--osteoarthritis.
williams5306 posted:
I have been in pain now for about a year do to a misdiagnosis. I guess I have hip arthritis that hurts the heck out if hip and back. I am a father and life is hard. The pain management does not really work--yet I am dependent on what help it does provide. I could really use some input from others with problem. It's in both hips and not diagnosed in the knees but they feel like my hips and back. I am just getting a referred to a orthopedic doctor. What should I ask them? This is a plea for information and hopefully a solution. Thanks for Taking the time to read this. Any personal experiences with a positive resolution that you would be willing to share would be appreciated.
sam1985 responded:
Here is what you can visit and get some detailed info. = http://www.empowereddoctor.com/9867/orthopedic-surgeons-manhattan-nyc/