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    OA and age
    strictlygran posted:
    What really annoys me about having OA is being told that it's something I have to put up with at 'my age'. I'm 52, diagnosed with OA at 19. I have never until recently been offered any treatment other than 'take ibuprofen and here's a physiotherapy appointment' . I do all the exercises I am given, ibuprofen makes me feel sick and dizzy. I've recently been put on slow release tramadol, which sort off works. How do other people cope with being given the brush off for help or even understanding of day to day pain?
    pgt1956 responded:

    I'm 57 and also have OA. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I'm a retired teacher and had SUCH pain daily. I went thru exactly similar circumstances. Everyone would just say, "Oh, you just have to work thru the pain". It was as if OA wasn't REALLY a condition worth mentioning. Within the past year & a half, I've had both knees replaced. I take Meloxicam(prescribed) twice daily for joint pain, but if it DOES help with the pain. . . .I'd hate to know what I'd feel like if I didn't take it. : ( I also have arthritis in my left thumb (being left-handed and a teacher for almost 30 years didn't help that situation). The Dr. who diagnosed it asked if I wanted to have shots in it for the pain. Those didn't work in my knees and were painful, so I passed. Just know there are others out there with similar situations as you, and we're here to talk and listen. I find that it's basically a day-to-day situation. There are good fays and there are bad. I also try to exercise at least 3 days/week. The only exercise that I find that helps me is the warm swimming pool at my local rehab center. I hope you can find some positive insight with any of this. Good luck! : )
    strictlygran replied to pgt1956's response:
    Thank you so much for your reply, it does help to know your not alone in this situation. I take time release tramadol (prescribed) and I don't think I would cope otherwise. We so try to support our youngest daughter who has RA, fibromyalgia and ME. Sometimes it's hard because it's as if OA is somehow a 'lesser' condition, and I don't understand what she's going through or the pain she has. I do know but I don't know how to explain to her. My exercise is the thing that cheers me, I go ballroom and Latin dancing, my teacher adjusts the steps so that I can join in. I also go to something called fitsteps a low impact exercise based on dance steps. Keep well and mobile and again thank you so much for your reply.
    adelestephensonguy responded:
    Hello. I understand that what you have been ging through right now is not really easy. Just never lose hope with your treatments and stay positive. I hope it will at least lessen your burden...

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