koolkellygirl posted:
I had the surgery on my dominant hand first because I just need to be able to use it. Pre surgery I was living on cortisone shots and paraffin baths. I had the surgery 17 days ago. I haven't had much pain at all and occasionally take ibuprofen, maybe 400mg once to twice a day. I had the first cast/dressing off at 2 weeks post-op, as well as all of the stitches taken out. I am now casted for a month and am due to start PT after the cast comes off at 6 weeks post-op. I can't believe that some people started PT within a couple of weeks when the joint hasn't even had time to heal properly...

My real only complaint is that the doc released me to go back to work 2 and a half weeks post op and I can't do my job yet and can't drive for another month. Oh, and I have thumb numbness on the topside of my's irritating to say the least.

I tolerate pain well and if this hand heals well, I will definitely have the surgery on my non dominant hand probably next year or the end of this year (Novemberish).
atti_editor responded:
Hi koolkellygirl,

Glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are recovering wonderfully! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope that everything stays according to plan and that you will be able to have the surgery on your other hand as well!

Best wishes,