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Osteoarthritis in lower back
olson2 posted:
I was just diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower back by my chyropractor. The only thing she wants to do is realign me to releave the pressure off my spine. My spine is curved, seen it on the X-ray. Should I go with this treatment alone or seek advise from an MD? I am at a loss and need some help immediately.
atti_editor responded:
I think that it would be best to seek the advice of your MD as well to make sure that this is the appropriate form of treatment. Please let us know how you are doing!
bamboo559 responded:
I have osteoarthritis in my lower back also. I see an all natural reflexology shiatsu massage therapist. Amazing results with 4 visits and continue to go twice a month or once a week if needed .I also wear a flexible lower back brace at my job. The worst thing to do is a lot of twisting and turning my physician told me.
An_258491 responded:
Go to an MD. Manual therapy can help, but you probably are suffering from inflamation too. PT helped me for a while.
olson2 replied to atti_editor's response:
Thank you. This is helping me decide what to do.
olson2 replied to bamboo559's response:
Thank you. I have been looking into an all natural way to deal with the pain. My job requires a lot of bending and twisting, I wasnt sure if a back brace would help, I think I will try it.
olson2 replied to An_258491's response:
Thank you for replying. All of these replys are helping me decide what I am going to do. I do have the inflamation. I have seen a doctor and he put me on Neproxin with an anti-inflamatory. It helps.
laidbackmatt responded:
I saw a chiro initially and he was going to fix me naturally. Then I took my MRI to an MD he sent me to a neurologist and I haven't worked since then. SSDI permanent disability. Surgery is not an option only PT and meds and weight control. There is no cure

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