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Knee clean-up surgery?
de2arogers posted:
I have an old injury to my right knee (2004?) that has been giving me trouble for the past 6 months. I saw a specialist whom had an MRI done on the knee and diagnosed some rough edges where apparently my knee was injured before and did not heal cleanly. This specialist said that he could clean this up which would likely help however, being 56 years old, there is some amount of deteriation and arthritis that will give me some pain. Bottom-line, he is willing to do the surgery however, is leaving the decision to me. I have talked to a number of friends that have had this surgery and they seem to think that I should go ahead and have it done. However, I am having some difficulty deciding as the knee hasn't bothered me very much for a number of months. It sometimes hurts however, the pain passes without taking any medication. At it's worst, 4 months ago, I had to take Vicadin for relief. What should I do? Is it advisable to get this taken care of before it becomes bad again as it may do? I have some weakness and pain in both knees periodically, probably due to my age though this hasn't been diagnosed.
MyPoorKnee responded:
I had a torn meniscus and arthritis in my left knee. The Dr. suggested an athroscopic procedure to remove the torn meniscus and "whatever else he needed to do". Trusting him, I had the surgery done. I wish I would have done research prior to having this done. Let me back up and say, when I first had problem with my knee, before diagnosis, my knee was stuck (bent) and wouldn't straighten. Eventually, I learned to straighten my knee when I stood with my hand, and then after a couple of months it got to the point that my knee would lock about 70% of the time upon standing, I'd adjust it into place, and walking was pain free. The doctor made the arthroscopic procedure sound easy, and quick recovery, and I was tired of having to adjust my knee, so I decided to go for it. Unfortunately, he did not.warn me of complications. When he got into my knee he found lots of arthritis and cleaned it out along with removing the tear of my meniscus. He also (for whatever reason) reshaped my bone. The surgery was in August, it is January. It is extremely painful to walk, every step on my left leg. Sometimes it's excruciating. I've been through months of PT and nothing helps. I totally regret the day I had the surgery. If I could turn back the clock, I would NEVER have had it done. I know I cannot decide for you, but from my experience and research, cleaning out arthritis just doesn't work for the knees. I've since read that Medicaid stopped paying for this surgery in 2002, because patients just did not receive benefit from the procedure. Please feel free to email me at if you want to ask questions. Donna

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