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Bad knee pain only after sleeping
SupaPowaDood posted:
I get deep, full knee pain in both knees after I sleep with my legs curled/bent. This is the only time I get any knee pain. Its keeping me from sleeping on my side with my legs curled AT ALL. It feels like REALLY bad growing pains in my knees and is VERY painful. The pain usually doesnt stick around for longer than a minute or tow when I wake up and straighten my legs. I haven't really found anything specific online about this; any ideas?
Geradine4733 responded:
Goint to a doctor is the best thing you can do for yourself. I get pain too, and I find that stretching helps me. Stretch, walk, ride a stationery bike, and stretch helps to relax the muscles and nerves.
aberlaine9 responded:
I sleep with a pillow between my knees. Doing that is supposed to align your hips, but I find it helps my knees, too. When I wake up I have to unbend my knees slowly, but that's because they're stiff.

Can you straighten your legs slowly in the morning? Lie on your back and get them all the way straight, then try to push the back of your knee into the mattress. That's an opposite bend. If you can hold that for a few seconds, your knee will be more ready for the day.

A "growing pain" complaint is sometimes associated with fibromyalgia. Wouldn't hurt to search that out, too.
_swank_ responded:
This isn't growing pains. Very bad pain means something is wrong. I have arthritis in my knee and it often doesn't hurt until after I've been in the same position for a while, like after sleeping or sitting. Only an orthopedic surgeon can make the diagnosis.
Yoness responded:
I have the same thing. Get it maybe once every 4-6 months when I find myself sleeping on my back with my right need bent. So it's like yours but just sleeping on my back instead sideways. The effect is the same, extreme pain on my right bent knee when I wake up, and it takes me around 3-5 minutes to slowly get it straight, which is very painful of itself to get it straight. Once straight, all is good and perfect, no pain, no discomfort, complete range of motion. Wondering what this is. I have absolutely no pain on my knees, either of them during the day. Was thinking the bent knee prevents blood flow or somehow stiffins up the knee, resulting in a huge build up or pain ready for me when I wake up.

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