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Joint pain on the right side only..
s0ngb1rd378 posted:
I have been dealing with mild to moderate pain in several of my joints. I have been working with a TMJ specialist to eventually have orthognathic surgery to improve pain from possible arthritis as well as chewing function and just basic alignment of my teeth. I also have dealt with recurring "tendonitis" in my right hip, chondromalacia of the knee, and another "tendonitis" diagnosis on my hand. I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis about a year ago and it was ok, but I wanted to be tested because it runs in the female side of my family. It just occurred to me recently that I only have problems on my right side. Maybe it's because I use it more, but I wonder if that is a significant factor at all. Every time I go to see the doctor I get this look like I am just crazy or something. I am 30 years old and otherwise extremely healthy. I also eat very well and exercise every day for about 20 minutes each time. I am at a loss, but the pain I am dealing with is sometimes much more than I can handle. It is definitely affecting my quality of life and makes it hard for me to do the daily activities I want to do. I need advice. Is anybody out there that has dealt with a similar problem.
merri521 replied to OceanRN's response:
wonder if we all here on this site are right handed; what about lefties?
JRIowa replied to merri521's response:
It amazes me how similar everbody's symtoms are. I'm a 58 yo male with TN (trigeminal neuralgia) which is very close to TMJ. Pain started in my right hip about 1 year ago. Now it's hip, shoulder, wrist, and ankle. I though originally that this was all the result of a fall from 2 years ago where I broke my ankle. My wrist hurts so bad today that I have trouble typing!
I'm also left handed.

I've seen several doctors and a chiropractor. No help what so ever. I got about 4 hours sleep last nite; 2 in the waterbed and 2 in the recliner.

Another thing that happened almost along with this that at the time I didn't relate to is that my PSA shot up from 2.5 to 15. I've had a prostrate biopsy done and nothing was found.

I was going to see the doctor, but now I wondering what to tell him. Hmmmm?
An_224105 responded:
I have experienced arthritic pain on my right side since I was 13 years old. At the time I was not diagnosed, however, I frequently suffered from a burning pain on my right shoulder that traveled down my arm to my finger tips. My family believed it came from not wearing warm clothing in cold weather. The pain has continued to this day and I was diagnosed when I was about 27 years old with OA. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Osteosporosis and am taking medications to get it under control. I am 69 years old now and suffer constant pain on my right side, including the right side of my back and hip. With extreme pain I take Aleve, sometimes two a day. I do not take any other pain medication.
tinkerbell808 replied to HeyLori's response:
Hi everyone in this forum-
I have been dealing with joint pain for about 3 years now. It started with neck pain thinking it was just a stiff neck from sleeping wrong. I couldn't turn my head without being in pain. It went on for a week then it went away and I was fine..Weird thing..I consider myself healthy and in very good physical shape. 5' 2"..108 lb..used to be very athletic up until 9 years ago when I started having slight joint pain. It would come and go. I now experience numbness,tingling,pain..Oddly only on my right side only. The problems radiate from my neck, down to every joint and muscle and nerve to my foot. My right arm is now weak due to muscle and bone pain to where I can't hold anything over 3 lbs for more than a minute without it being in pain. Each specialist writes a perscription for the same anti depressant/seizure meds..All the test are clear of findings of what they see, or given any reason why this is happening, but nothing seems to be done about it. Except take a pill or two ..Doesn't it seem strange that what they see is only on my right side??? If I were these doctors..I would wonder why that is?
To this day , starting with a very healthy body(do not drink or smoke or take any type of drugs)
I have been diagnosed with:
Enlarged Fibroids-Had blood transfusion for anemia
Pituritary tumor
TMJ with osteoarthritis
Disc bulge(2)-neck
Disc bulge (2) lower lumber
Carpal Tunnel
Enlarged Thyroid-Hashimoto Disease(so he thinks)
Bone Cyst on shoulder
Abnormal Lab tests
Protien in blood
Elevated uptake value
Neuroma in right foot
Tendinopathy in shoulder
Arthritis in hand(but it seems fine except for the pain in my little pinky and it seems to have a reduction in length)

Any feedback..would be helpful..
MES4EVER replied to pelders's response:
Have you been given a specific diagnosis? Im 38 and have ALL of those symptoms. And a whole lot more as well. Hope you are doing better! Please let me know of ANY info. you have. Thanks
PattieR1 replied to Tri2Fig's response:
Please, I am new to all this, so what is TMJ?
PattieR1 replied to nevermore1313's response:
You sound exactly like me only I also suffer intensely in the small of my back! I haven't tried Tramadol but have found that Lyrica takes a very small edge of the pain off without any headaches or other side effects. Right now I also am having a flare up & I can't sit comfortably in any position or lay down. & forget about standing!! This is not my imagination, it's just horrible, indescribable PAIN!!
olfolks1326 responded:
Hi, I do not know if my problem is like yours, but I have been told by my doctor that I have severe arthritis, and have it in 3 places in my spine, I have pain in my right rib area, have had all kinds of tests, and everything in the tests came back OK,a blood test showed 41 regarding arthritis, which my understanding is above normal 20 or less, my doctor said the rib pain is coming from my back, I also have problems with right shoulder , hip and foot all on right side, I take meds but there are times when I do not think they help at all, I walk with a cane, have had a full knee replacement (right knee), and get very stiff if I sit to long or stand to long, I do not know if this Helps you, but you are not alone with the right side problem, I hope you start feeling alot better.
asia2001 replied to OceanRN's response:
Hi, Im 33 years old and have been in pain for about 10 years since my 2nd child was born. I had symphysis pubis whilst pregnant, but was fine afterwards.
Since then i have had a sore back, knee, (last years- hip, ribs, shoulder and shoulder blade). My pain is all on the right side only. Have saw a neurosurgeon who said i had disc bulges and degenerative disease of the thoraic spine ( 6 years ago). Have had physio. was referred to a podiatrist who has said my right leg is shorter that my left and my pelvis is not aligned correctly. he also said this would cause hip and knee pain but not rib, back, shoulder and shoulder blade pain.

Doctor done bloods for rheumatism, came back clear. i have restless legs in the night, exercise helps my pain. pain is very stiff aching. my back can freeze and is painful when shopping or cooking. have had steroid injection in my right shoulder. shoulder clicks, as does my hip and knee.
MY PAIN IS RIGHT SIDE ONLY. Every time i go to the docs i tell them all i need is a new right side because my left side is fine. Doc said maybe fibromyalgia, im not depressed and my pain is one sided??? waiting to see rheumotologist now. Co-codamol is a life saver. ive also got IBS in last 3 years. ANyone help please?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to asia2001's response:
Hi Asia and others news to this community...

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poliosurvivore responded:
You are definitely not alone!! I am experiencing the exact same prolem -- however, when I was 22 I had polio which triggered right side paralysis of leg and arm. This finally was overcome however when I was diagnosed with arthritis some years ago it leaves me with aan excrutiating amount of pain in my right side only! Although I am not as young as you are I can sympathize with you as far as the doctor's attitude- is there anyone else out there that might have a similar problem? Especially polio survivors??
javajunkie2010 responded:
Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis. DISH. Forestier's disease. Do you have flowing calcifications on your spine? From the articles I have been able to locate, and there really aren't that many, it can cause "tendonitis" "spurs" and other symptoms. I don't know if this is the place to post this, but I found no community for it. If you look into this and find your symptoms similar, find DISH on FB and ask to join. I am in pain, but not taken seriously. Do you choke when swallowing? Also known as dysphagia. Ligaments and tendons are said to calcify. I cannot take steroids, naprosen for anti-inflammatories or opiates for pain-which leaves me few options.
skiChickie replied to islandchick01's response:
I too have pain only on one side (Right). It started out with my superior tib/fib joint (just below the knew) then it spread to my ankle, SI, mid back and lately neck and elbow. I have been going through the same frustrating process of you...none of the doctors can find anything wrong with me! I'm a personal trainer, so I've very active and I eat healthy too. The only thing that I have found to give me some relief is working with a traditional chinese doctor, it has certainly helped with my energy levels and seems to reduce the severity of the pain. I'm not a huge believer in eastern medicine but at this point I'm willing to try anything.
ladyelven responded:
me too! all of that. sometimes two years ago i would wake up in the middle of the nite with excruciating pain in my ankle knee wrist and elbow. it was so bad i had to call in sick. it happened several times. i have aggressive OA but as far as i know mainly in my knees. i have had it since (I believe) age 17 or 18. i am 41 and have had 4 knee surgeries and tried everything from synvisc to bee venom. 2 years ago i was repeatedly tested for RA and (upus but always ok. i have been ok now for a year but am so terrified knowing any day it will all be back.
Roxan40 responded:
I know what your going throw I have been going throw pain my hole life I broke my back twice when I was 2 an 4 years old I was told I would never walk. I proved them wrong I have been walking ever sens I was 10 years old now in 2000 my hip started hurting to the point where I couldn't even walk at times, now I have saver pain in my shoulder that go's down to my fingers. in 2011 I lost uses of my left hand an it's in saver pain all the time to. I have been to a lot of Doctor's an they all say nothing wrong with me.. So don't worry your not crazy the pain is totally real..

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