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    Very Swollen Ankles and Feet?
    WorkTogether posted:
    Does anyone else have a very extreme swelling in their ankles and feet from Osteoarthritis or could this be from Gout or Pseudogout. The Dr. thought it was inflamation from arthritis but when the swelling subsides the bones and joints in my feet and ankles do not hurt or seem to have a problem like other areas of my body. Does anyone have any ideas? Help!
    _swank_ responded:
    Heart problems can also cause your feet to swell.
    WorkTogether replied to _swank_'s response:
    Nice! Well, if my doctor doesn't diagnose either one, where do I go from here. I feel somewhat at a loss.
    Geradine4733 responded:
    Diabetes is another disease that causes swelling. What tests has your doctor done?
    WorkTogether replied to Geradine4733's response:
    Well, since I guess I wasn't in pushy mode, my daughter interceded and I just got more blood drawn today. Hopefully that will shed a little more light. Thanks Swank and Geraldine. My sugar level was just 102 and is normally lower. You are so right though as I watch the diabetes and heart thing. Also watching the kidneys. Hopefully these new tests will shed a little light on something.
    foxyceltic responded:
    I, too have swelling in ankles and feet that I never had before. My doctor discovered all of I sudden I have developed high blood pressure at the age of 59 and put me on Diovan, which has diuretic properties. I've only been on it a few days, and it is slowly helping; now I look like baby elephant instead of mama elephant. I was ashamed to wear skirts or short, now is a lot better and will continue, so he says. Many HBP meds do NOT have diuretic properties, as we went through a list.
    An_224111 responded:
    I had swelling of ankles and feet while suffering osteoarthritis in my hip. Had hip replacement and, voila! No more swelling
    Debs8091 replied to An_224111's response:
    I have been experiencing swelling in my ankles for many years. My diagnosis is Sarcoidosis. This disease is detected by a chest x-ray and frequest blood work monitors my levels of activity of this disease. It is active at times and does go in remission. I have tried many medications, but has made a personal decision to deal with the discomfort when a flare up arises. I use ice packs and elevate my feet to help reduce the swelling and advil for pain. Than God it is now in remission after many months of discomfort. I have been treated on several occassions by a Rheumotoligist and he has been monitoring my condition.
    bige12345 replied to Debs8091's response:

    zinger61 responded:
    I had problems with my feet and ankles swelling. My doctor gave me different diuretic medications but none made a difference. I realized that when I was dieting, the swelling decreased. It turned out that CHOCOLATE was the culprit. As long as I only occasionally eat chocolate, my feet don't swell. As soon as I start eating chocolate on a regular basis, my ankles swell again.
    An_224112 responded:
    Having suffered with swollen ankles for several months, it was finally traced to my high blood pressure and the medications i was taking. After trial and error we've finally arrived at the combination that eliminated the swelling. More recently i was having a problem getting it low enough to satisfy the cardiologist, nephrologist and internist. You might also try lowering your sodium intake.
    trekrider2 responded:
    Have you considered the medications that you may be taking? And does it happen in any type of cycle or pattern?
    jag48 responded:
    Hi, I have the same problem my hands,feet & ankles are swollen everyday & Hurt like you would not beleive. If you know a secret on how to stop the swellen Please pass it on. I have tryed so many meds & nothing has worked. I am in severe pain 24-7

    ThankYou Linda
    disneymom47 replied to An_224111's response:
    I may be facing a hip replacement soon, due to osteoarthritis. Can you tell how it went with you? How long in the hospital, pain, rehab time, so on.? Thanks, Had my knees replaced and ankle surgery now hip joint is causine extreme pain. Seeing Ortho doc this month. Thanks again.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to jag48's response:
    There are a lot of causes of hand and ankle swelling. The first step is to talk to your doctor about treating the root cause. Here is a first step: Edema (Swelling) Overview and ideas .

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