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Topical Pain Relief
chiefsfan37 posted:
I'm curious; has anyone here looked into topical pain relief to fight osteoarthritis pain? It provides prescription strength pain relief without any pills or side effects. A family member of mine gets topical pain gels through a pharmacy in the midwest, A&R Pharmacy in Liberty, MO, and all he does is apply the gel whenever he's in pain. He has had significant results since going this route and I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with pain and/or pills. I hope this helps!
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ldwalterick responded:
I'd be interested in knowing the name of the gel. I've taken Vicodin and am now at the top of the line 10/500. A topical gel might help me get off of so much Vicodin.
teamplayer replied to ldwalterick's response:
I was prescribed a product called neuromax, and it worked pretty good. It contained, ketamine, gabapentin, condone, prilocaine, backorder and diligence. It was very expensive! I have insurance through work and paid 25 dollars. The cost without insurance was 5211.00.
jdconcord responded:
I use a topical cream from DermaTrans prescribed by my DR and formulated for each persons needs. I use for Osteoarthritis from Army injury 35 years ago contains mainly Rx strength NSAIDs. It works well, Manages my daily pain and no pills or internal bleeding.I apply as needed, some days once if at all and some days 3 times. Rare flare ups require stronger pain relievers but only every couple months.
emsgirl24 responded:
My surgeon prescribed a compound for my knee. It helped! then my insurance said no more, despite how many different ways my Dr. tried to write the script so they would cover it. No luck, so I stay on my Hydrocodone which does help. Without I'd be in so much more pain I cant imagine.
My Ins co. said compounds have not been proven to work..well research it, it helped me. I did look into it without insurance, there's no way I could ever afford it each month.
artalejack responded:
aspercream woks as does salon paus patches

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