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Arthritis pain relief for feet
millyme posted:
A bottle of Castor oil costs around $3.00 and lasts for months. Simply rub and massage the oil into the affected areas at bedtime, then wear socks to bed. It may take up tp two weeks, but relief will come. The oil absorbs into the skin and the only side effect I know of is super soft skin, including rough heels. It has even relieved bunion pain, blisters, etc. I also rub it into sore knees, and it ruly helps. Not a wonder drug, so takes a little time. Use it religously and you will be pleased.
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BarbRae833 responded:
Thanks for sharing; I have daily problems with achey feet and hands so am anxious to try this! Will try this for the recommended time suggested and will share my findings. I am hopeful!
startwynkles59 responded:
You might also try taking more vitamin D3(I take 5000IU 3x's a day and more calcium in the form of calcium citrate--my husband and I have both seen a big improvement in all body/bone pain and it returns when we stop taking the D3/calcium citrate--I get my calcium citrate from$7.99/250 tablets and we take 2 3x's daily with doctor approval) and I get the D3 at Walmart it costs $6.00 for 100 gel capsules.
krnhersh responded:
what kind of pain did u have?
was it pins and needles?were your feet
swollen with that kind of tight pain?
or just a general kind of... everything pain?
Im glad u found something to help you-
octogenera responded:
218signal responded:
I liked your comment about using castor oil for arthritic feet to help my ankles swelling and tightness. Just thought I'd tell you of another use for this old remedy:

For heel spurs take a small, smooth stone and dip it in castor oil and rub into heel spur every chance you get. It will make the spur disappear as well as the pain.

yamaza responded:
Thanks will be buying some castor oil tommorrow.Hope it works.Will let you know.
yamaza replied to yamaza's response:
I forgot to ask.Would this work for arthritis of the neck and spine too?I will try that too,it can't hurt to try.
2mannie replied to yamaza's response:
I just went out and got some castor oil and I can't wait to try it , will let you know ,thanks for the inform.
Shar51 responded:
Does this work on hands & elbows?
angelangel6 responded:
Hello, I'm new in here, Thanks for the information......I'll try just about anything as I have arthirits in both my knees and in both feet (it's hard to walk somtimes and with my knees I also have to where the bone rubbing on bone)
knittens responded:
It's amazing how some of the oldest remedies can be the best. A friend of mine swears by taking a teaspoonful of cod-liver oil whenever she has osteoarthritis aches and pains. I tried emu oil capsules which are available in Australia and they worked really well to control the pain but in the end they seemed to cause so much acid reflux (like NSAIDs) that I had to stop taking it. An external rub should avoid digestive upsets, shouldn't it?
Lainey_WebMD_Staff replied to knittens's response:
Hi Knittens,

If you try using the oil as an external remedy please update us because it sounds very interesting!
It's at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys. Emil Zatopek
warmlynourished responded:
I'll give this a go, I have arthritis in both feet and around the ankles. I am currently working my way around an anti inflammatory diet, but still find some mornings the pain is really bad.

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